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Signs your tree is dead and you need to call a tree surgeon.

Signs your tree is dead and you need to call a tree surgeon

Photo of a dead tree in a field which a tree surgeon should remove

When it comes to determining whether or not a tree is dead, it is not always as simple as you may think. Trees may appear to be dead in the winter, yet they will burst into full bloom and vitality the following spring. The death of an oak tree is reported to take 300 years! So if you are concerned about any of your trees, you have plenty of time to call a tree surgeon and get an expert’s opinion. Most people think all tree surgeons in King’s Lynn do is chop down trees but that is not actually the case. One of the many other tree services that arborists do is treating diseased trees. Pruning or dead wooding an unhealthy tree can relieve the stress on it and, in certain cases, help it recover its full vitality.

Signs that your tree's health is slipping

It doesn't seem to be growing

When a tree isn’t thriving, the first indicator can be a lack of leaves and buds or even no leaves at all. Twigs and branches that have fallen from a tree can serve as a warning. It’s more difficult to tell if a deciduous tree is healthy because it doesn’t drop its leaves or needles all at once. But in the spring, it should look fresher and greener. The needles becoming brown is a bad sign.

Is the tree leaning or hanging?

Roots that have been damaged by erosion, excavation, or soil that has been loosened by heavy rain are not strong enough or deep enough to support the tree’s weight. This indicates that the tree is at risk of falling over. Epicormic shoots can form at the base of the trunk if the roots are weak, indicating that the tree is under a great deal of stress.

Is there fungus on the tree?

The presence of mushrooms, toadstools, and other fungi on a tree can indicate that it requires attention. Toxic fungi can develop on dead organic debris, including tree roots, trunks, and branches. Bracket fungi can be found on both dead and living trees. But they pose no threat to human health or the environment.

Cutting and removing tree limbs

Disease organisms can enter a tree through a split or peeling bark or cracks in the trunk. Ash dieback fungus has been decimating Europe’s ash trees in recent years. If an ash tree in your garden has experienced this then it will almost certainly die or be near death. So this necessitates Kings Lynn tree surgeon services.

My tree doesn't seem to be in good shape

It is not enough to simply look at the tree to see whether or not the leaves are healthy. You also need to inspect if there is fungus on or near the tree. To determine if your tree is failing, there are many more reliable methods. Small branches that shatter or break off when you try to snap them are likely dead. But this does not necessarily mean the whole tree is dead. When a twig bends to a 90-degree angle and whips back, it indicates that it is moist and healthy.

A good way to tell if a tree is healthy is to remove a small piece of bark and look at the cambium layer that lays directly beneath. There’s little doubt that the layer is doing its job if it’s green, moist, and dripping with nutrients. You may tell that the tree is dead or dying if its cambium is dry and brown, and the bark comes off with ease. Wounding a tree in this manner is not recommended. Nevertheless, call a tree surgeon as they will know just how to do it so that the tree suffers the least amount of harm possible.

Is it always necessary to cut down a dead tree?

Trees that have died can be unattractive and dangerous to people and property if they fall. Furthermore, the disease can spread to other trees if they are afflicted. For ash trees that have been decimated by the emerald ash borer, this is especially true. So, because the wood becomes extremely brittle and can fall at any time, professional attention is always required. It is possible that in areas where these threats have been eliminated, dead trees can serve as essential habitats for beneficial insects and birds.

Call a tree surgeon in King's Lynn for their inspection services

Our tree surgeons are licensed and will thoroughly check your tree to discover what the problem is. From there they can offer the best course of action to you. Every tree in a town like Kings Lynn has sentimental, environmental, and aesthetic importance. So we’ll do everything we can to preserve it.

Looking to get a free quote for any tree services you need done in the area? Then give us a call at the number above, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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