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Photo of a big tree stump in Kings Lynn that needs removing

When it comes to the prevention of fungal root rots and suckering, tree stump removal in Kings Lynn is of paramount importance. Particularly after a tree has been felled or fallen. The use of the right equipment and technique can aid in the eradication of stumps, or a weedkiller can be utilised to thwart them.


Considerations for leaving tree stumps

In some cases, it is plausible to leave a tree stump in situ to prevent suckering. However, this can result in a wide array of issues. Albeit dead stumps won’t sprout suckers, they can serve as a breeding ground for root diseases like honey fungus. This then renders them unsuitable for stump removal.

Defending against pests and diseases

Consequently, it is advisable to remove a stump when necessary. But what is the primary line of defence against pests and diseases in gardens? The Royal Horticultural Society advocates using good cultivar selection, cultivar hygiene, and encouraging or introducing natural enemies. Furthermore, controls using chemicals should be used sparingly, and only if absolutely necessary.

Tree stump removal in Kings Lynn methods

In essence, tree stump removal is a rudimentary and swift process that can be carried out at any time. The most convenient method of removing stumps is to hire the assistance of a tree surgeon who can eradicate them whilst cutting down the tree. Our tree stump removal service in Kings Lynn provides an exemplary solution to such predicaments.

Application of chemical stump killers

To be efficacious, chemical stump killers should be applied post haste after the wood has been felled. But before the product’s application, it will need to be recut.

Hand removal

Another method for removing the stump is by hand, which in our view, is the best course of action. Ideally, the stump would be entirely removed. However, if that is not practicable, alternative methods can prove to be equally effective.

Using winches for stump removal

A winch can be used to eliminate the stumps of smaller trees. Gardeners can rent these tools with the appropriate training and expertise. But if you do hire a winch then don’t cut the stump at ground level! Instead, leaving a substantial-sized stump (up to 4 feet) high for leverage is what we recommend.

Mechanical removal techniques

The root system, for the most part, can be removed via mechanical mini-excavators or hand grubbing. The elimination of trees is considerably simplified if a good portion of the trunk is left to act as a lever. Stump removal in Kings Lynn is a universal service proffered by landscape contractors. But mini-excavators and operators can also be hired separately if you fancy a go yourself.

Stump grinders

Stump grinders, on the other hand, mechanically remove the primary root plate, generating fine sawdust in the process. Although stump grinders can be rented, they are dangerous! So they should only be operated by professionals who are confident in their ability to use heavy machinery safely. A few roots will be left in the ground, but the vast majority of them will decompose and transform into compost.

Considerations after stump grinding

It is worth considering specifying how deep you want the stump to be ground. Typically, turf is laid on 20-25cm (8-10in) of shallow grinding, but replanting or landscaping may necessitate 30cm (1ft) or more. The sawdust can be used in a multitude of ways. It can either be left to fill in the hole or removed by the contractors to be utilised as mulch elsewhere in the garden. But before the work commences, it is vital to indicate which of these options is preferred and to ensure that any diseased wood is wholly removed.

Preparing for replanting

Stump removal leaves a void that necessitates being filled with topsoil if the area is to be replanted. The incorporation of nitrogenous fertiliser is typically recommended before planting. That is if a large amount of sawdust was inadvertently mixed into the existing soil.

Stump removal in site clearances

We remove a lot of tree stumps when we do site clearance projects. This is because once we’ve cleared the trees for the site, all that’s left is the stump. So this will also have to go for the new development to take place. Finally, we do not recommend stump burning on-site since, other than being dangerous, for the most part, they are too moist to incinerate.

Hire our Kings Lynn stump removal crew!

As you can see, there are many ways to remove a tree stump. Fortunately for you, we can do them all. So don’t put up with your unsightly and potentially dangerous stump anymore! Search for “stump removal near me” and call our tree surgeons in Kings Lynn now and get it sorted!