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How to choose a tree surgeon?

There are a lot of people out there who claim to be tree service providers but don’t have the right training. The problem is that tree work can be very dangerous. So if you hire someone who isn’t qualified, hasn’t done it before, or doesn’t know much about it then you could be putting your property or family at risk. But there are so many companies offering these services so who do I pick? We’ll let you know on this page how to choose a tree surgeon.

Differentiating professionals from cowboys

So, anyone can say they are a tree service company, run a Facebook ad, or pass out flyers. But wow can you tell who are the professionals and who are the cowboys? Doing so could mean the difference between a job that goes well and is safe and a bunch of problems that cost a lot of money. Therefore, when looking for a tree surgeon or arborist, here are some things to think about in terms of quality, care, and safety.

Avoid general service traders

Keep your eyes open for leaflets that come in the mail. This group offers services like cleaning gutters, laying patios, gardening, repairing fences, and, of course, tree services. People who offer so many different services are not experts, but “Jacks of all trades,” as the saying goes. Would you hire a general handyman to put in your new gas heater? No. So why would you even think about hiring a general contractor for a project like trimming or tree removal in Kings Lynn that requires some skill?

As with any other profession, tree surgery requires a lot of experience, credentials, education, special equipment, and certifications. Plus this isn’t to mention insurance, knowledge of health and safety, and the ability to work at height. It takes a long time and a lot of money to get to the point where you can guarantee your client’s safety and quality.

Patios aren’t something we do here. Here, we don’t fix fences. And we don’t clean out the gutters. We cut down trees for a living. So if you want the job done right, it’s best to stay away from generalists.

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Avoid unprofessional practices

“Topping and lopping” is not a service offered by any reputable tree service. Anyone can cut a tree in half, or lop it in half. But no one will know that they might be hurting the tree’s health.

Ensure reliable communication

There is no way to find someone if all you have is a mobile phone number. You can turn off a mobile phone or, even worse, throw it away. Plan what you will do if something goes wrong. You’ll feel safer as long as you have a landline phone number and maybe even a business address.

Be cautious with payments

Don’t do business with a company that wants you to pay them first. We never ask for payment upfront. Most projects don’t require us to buy anything, so why would we? But if you need to rent specialised equipment, like a manual elevated work platform, to get to a hard-to-reach tree, you may have to pay a deposit. However, you can pay with a credit card and get a receipt. If not, you should only pay for the service if you are completely happy with how it was completed.

Ask questions

If you’re not sure about something, don’t be afraid to ask. You might be able to catch a cowboy if you find out how the work will affect trees and how it will be done so that fences and sheds aren’t damaged.

Seek certified professional tree surgeons

If you search “tree surgeon Kings Lynn area“, you should find us. If not, we hope this information is helpful. You’ll be better off in the long run if you follow these tips, so please be careful at all times.