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Do tree surgeons need qualifications?

If you like being outside and don’t mind being high up, you might enjoy being a tree surgeon. Tree surgeons, who are also called arborists, take care of everything from planting trees to cutting them down. Does this sound like a possible career for you and you’re wondering “Do tree surgeons need qualifications?“. Then keep reading.

Is becoming a tree surgeon worth it?

Tree surgery in Kings Lynn can be hard and dangerous. But if you have the right skills and training, it can also be interesting and rewarding. So check out our quick guide if you’ve always wanted to know more about tree surgery and what it takes to become a tree surgeon.

Do I need to know anything in particular?

If you want to be a tree surgeon, you don’t need to go to school, but there are courses that can help. However, to become a recognised arborist, you need either a National Certificate in Arboriculture or a higher degree.

Usually, you’ll need at least two or three A levels with the required passing grades. This is if you want to get a degree in arboriculture or tree surgery. Furthermore, a Certificate of Competence is also needed to use a chainsaw.

What do you need to know and be able to do?

To do tree surgery, you need to be physically strong and healthy. For everyone’s safety on the job, you’ll need to be able to keep your cool when you’re under a lot of stress or working at a high altitude.

If you want to work for yourself one day, you need to be good at math and be interested in science. This is because you will need to measure lengths and figure out costs.

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Ways to make a living that could be successful

To become a tree surgeon, you can take a course at a university or college, or do an apprenticeship. Equally, you can find an entry-level job where you can learn on the job. Arboriculture and forestry are two of the most relevant university courses. But you could also take a college course like the Level 2 Certificate in Arboriculture or the Level 3 Diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture to learn more about the field.

What grades do I need to become an arborist?

You’ll need at least two A*-D grades for a Level 2 course and at least four A*-C marks for a Level 3 course. You can get the work experience you need to apply for an apprenticeship by volunteering. You can do this with groups like The Tree Council or the National Trust.

Tree surgery and qualifications

So, as you can see, it takes a lot of schooling and work experience to become an Arborist. However, you can learn on the job to become a tree surgeon. We hope this answers your questions about do tree surgeons need qualifications. But if you’re still unsure then you can always call us for more advice.

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