The Kings Lynn Tree Surgeon

Why are they called tree surgeons?

A tree surgeon’s job is to plant trees, pollard them, cut them down, and care for and maintain them in general. Therefore a tree surgeon can do many different things for many different types of clients. But why are they called tree surgeons? If you’re interested then we have the full answer and explanation for you.

The job of a tree surgeon is to work with trees

Some people call arborists “tree surgeons” because their jobs are similar to those of doctors. When we say their jobs are similar, we mean that doctors care for patients and we care for trees. But even though they are called “tree surgeons,” they don’t have the education or experience of licensed arborists.

Common other questions that our tree surgeons in Kings Lynn get asked

What else can tree surgeons do?

  • A professional tree surgeon can reshape the crown of an overgrown tree with branches that are tangled with each other to make it look more symmetrical. 
  • To fully remove a tree, the tree will be cut from the top down until the main trunk can be cut. Then it will be taken away.
  • In the logging process of felling, trees are cut down. So a person (like us) who cuts down trees is called a “feller”.

What does it mean to be a tree surgeon?

If a tree surgeon is a doctor, then an arborist could also be thought of as a tree doctor. By looking at the symptoms of a sick tree, an arborist can pinpoint the disease and suggest ways to treat it, such as sending the tree to a tree surgeon if necessary. But if you don’t do your homework, you might hire a tree surgeon in King’s Lynn, who will hurt your trees more than help them. So do your research properly and find a reputable company.

A photo of an actual surgeon which is what tree surgeons also get called

What do you call someone who fixes trees?

Different to a tree surgeon because of the training and education involved they are called Arborists. They are people who know how to take care of trees and other woody plants. Certified arborists can plant trees, prune them, move them, fertilise them, keep an eye on them, and treat them for bugs and diseases.

What do you need to do to become a tree surgeon?

You don’t actually need a degree (although it helps) to become a tree surgeon. However, a university degree in arboriculture or an apprenticeship in the field are common ways to get into the field of tree surgery. Also, university courses like Forestry, Arboriculture, and Forest Management are all useful.

So that's why they are called tree surgeons

The term “tree surgeon” aptly reflects the precise and skilled care provided to trees, akin to the role of a surgeon with patients. While lacking the extensive training of certified arborists, tree surgeons play crucial roles in tree maintenance, reshaping, and removal. So it’s important to differentiate them from arborists, who undergo specialised training. Nonetheless, the work of King’s Lynn tree surgeons highlights the importance of skilled hands in arboriculture.