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What does a tree surgeon use to cut wood?

The job of a tree surgeon looks easy, but it is actually a dangerous job. You’ll quickly learn that taking care of trees and trimming them is more than just swinging your axe around randomly. A trained and qualified tree surgeon can keep himself safe while cutting down trees by using the most modern tools and equipment. But what does a tree surgeon use to cut wood?

Tools and equipment a tree surgeon uses to cut wood

Even if a tree trimmer has years of experience, a disaster could happen if they choose the wrong tools or if their equipment breaks. Arborists need special tree surgery tools to do their jobs safely while on the job site.


On a chainsaw, which is used to cut wood, there is a chain with teeth that spins around. A small mechanical saw that can fit in a pocket or a purse. This powerful machine is the best way to get rid of trees. You need an electric motor or a gas engine and a small blade. Electric chainsaws are best for trimming trees and bushes, while gasoline-powered ones are best for cutting down trees.

An image of a chainsaw which a tree surgeon often uses to to cut wood

Equipment for rigging

Ropes and harnesses are two types of climbing gear that tree surgeons often use. It’s a harness and tool for rigging. On the other hand, the second type is used to climb bigger trees and carry heavy supplies and equipment. Or even bring down huge trees that have already been cut down. Many tree surgeons in Kings Lynn know how to use rigging equipment. Some of these include heavy and light-duty slings, rigging plates, friction brakes, carabiners, blocks and pulleys, cable hoists, and more.

Wood chippers

Most tree surgeons in King’s Lynn prefer to use tree chippers because they make it easier to chop up the branches of a tree. Most wood chippers have wheels and can be attached to a frame so that they are easy to move. The wood chips can be used for many things, not just to get rid of trees that are in the way. Wood chippers are the best way to quickly get rid of a lot of wood that you don’t want.

Stump grinding machines

If you think that a tree surgeon’s only job is to cut down trees, it’s time to get rid of that idea. The main job of our tree cutting service is to cut down trees. But we also need a Kings Lynn stump grinding service afterwards. This is a very hard thing to do because some trees have roots that go deep into the ground. The easiest and fastest way to get rid of a big stump is to use a stump grinder. The tool has revolving teeth that can be turned to get rid of roots and stumps.

Hire expert tree surgeons to cut wood

After learning about the tools and equipment that tree surgeons use, it’s time to hire experts who are familiar with these tools and equipment and have used them before.