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Do King’s Lynn tree surgeons work in the rain?

Do King’s Lynn tree surgeons work in the rain?

Photo of trees in the rain which is a condition that causes problems for our King's Lynn tree surgeons to work in

To cut large areas of branches, King’s Lynn tree surgeons often have to climb to dangerous heights.​ But weather conditions of storm, wind, or rain make it unsafe for a person to attempt. Therefore, a day with a steady temperature and little wind is ideal for cutting down trees. However, in this part of the UK, we are prone to rainy weather conditions. So let’s take a look at some things to consider regarding tree surgeons and the rain.

King's Lynn tree surgeons efficiency amidst weather challenges

It’s difficult to get anything done effectively or safely when it’s raining constantly. So, we don’t scale until we can safely do so. We see no reason to put in double the effort and risk today. When tomorrow we can have the same job done in a third of the time.

Environmental impact and recommendations

Cutting down an infected tree can be very helpful to the environment. This is because it prevents the spread of the disease to other trees and plants in the area. When a customer needs to have a tree cut down for any other reason, we always recommend they replace it with a new tree. Battery-powered saws, hedge clippers, and leaf blowers are utilised whenever practical. But if it’s raining we can’t always use these tools. So no matter how good it is for the environment, we won’t risk safety to get the job done. Also, every tree and hedge is inspected before we begin work, and we carefully relocate all that we can.

Handling wildlife and safety protocols

If a bird’s nest is found, we must fill out a report detailing the location of the nest. Also whether or not the birds can be relocated safely, whether or not cutting down the tree will put the birds in danger, and so on. Over the years, we’ve learned that aspen trees are the toughest. Just because it’s so simple to knock off a branch. Our tree surgeons in King’s Lynn will typically decide on the day of scheduled maintenance if it is safe to work. The work will go forward as scheduled if the weather is muggy and dry. But not if it rains heavily or has the chance of lightning.

Adapting to variable weather conditions

What if there are periods of dry weather interspersed with showers?

Then we will continue with our routine land-based activities, including covering and logging.

Can tree surgeons use tree shears if it's raining?

Unless the weather is exceptionally calm and mild, tree removal is typically impossible. This implies there will be almost no precipitation, almost no wind, and, of course, no storms or snow. The answer lies in the laborious act of tree cutting and the people who perform it.

Risks and safety precautions in tree cutting in King's Lynn

The act of cutting down trees presents its own set of hazards. So if it starts to rain heavily or the weather turns rainy, tree-cutting must be halted immediately. Tree surgeons require a great deal of ability and power to climb trees to get to the branches they need to work on. But most people don’t know that until they see them swinging from a harness to a tree.


In most cases, King’s Lynn tree surgeons won’t work in heavy rain. However, if it rains softly, the sky is clear and the clouds don’t hover over, some tree felling experts will still finish the operation of cutting down trees. A tree surgeon’s day can range from cutting a little hedge to ascending a tree more than 50 feet high, and no two jobs are ever the same.

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